Layby & Extended Orders

Layby and Extended Orders Policy

We offer Layby and Extended.

i. Once this time frame is agreed your product will remain reserved until the time frames expire. Maximum time frame is 3 month unless agreed by us in writing.

ii. A minimum deposit of 20% is required at the time the Extended Order is placed.

iii. You are required to make a minimum repayment of 10% of total sales value on a fortnightly basis.

iv.Please note that your Layby or Extended Order is reserved for delivery or pickup for the agreed date on purchase, and as such we cannot guarantee that your order will be available prior to the agreed date.

v.In the event you wish to end your layby or extended term earlier than the agreed time frame, we will need 8 weeks minimum notice to despatch your product.

vi.Continued non-payment of instalments set out above will be a breach of the layby agreement and we reserve the right to cancel the layby by giving you 14 days notice of the breach.

        a) The notice may be in the form of letter sent to you last know address OR SMS to your last know mobile number.

        b) If you have not made a further payment within 14 days, you will be deemed to have to cancelled the lay-by.

ii. If it is deemed that the layby or extended term agreement is cancelled by you, you will forfeit the product and incur the 'Cancellation Charge' of 20% of the total sales value, and any remaining sum will be refunded to you.

Ownership of the product shall remain with us until all of the following conditions have been completed

  • Payment of all monies
  • Clearance of all cheques and any other negotiable financial instruments
  • The delivery of the product


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