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Sofa … which is also known as Couch, Lounge is a main piece of furniture in any living Room and buying the one of right material is a big deal! When we think about sofa material, then the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is fabric or leather? Both of them have plus and minus points.


Fabric Sofa

The main reason people opt for fabric sofas is for comfort and softness. Fabric sofa is full of options. There are so many colours, textures, patterns and shape and size to choose from because of the versatility of fabric and it is more affordable!

On the other hand, Fabric sofa fade in colour faster than leather, especially if it’s exposed to sunlight.


Leather Sofa

Nothing can add instant elegance, luxury and sophistication to a living room quite like a leather sofa does. Moreover leather sofa is way more durable and last longer than fabric.

The minus points are, leather sofas are more expensive then the fabric sofa. Leather sofa can feel hot and sticky when sat on it in summer and cold in winter.

In conclusion, both types of sofa have their up and down sides and it comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer fabric sofa or leather sofa, let Homeland Furniture help you choose the perfect one! Shop sofa online or visit a location nearest you today!  


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