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Nothing adds richness, beauty, luxury and sophistication to your lounge room like a gorgeous leather sofa. Leather is widely used in an array of different products, and sofas are one of those. Leather is natural, attractive, durable, and cleanable and the sofa made using this natural commodity simply incomparable with others.

However, no all the leather sofa has same quality of leather. Leather can undergo complex treatment processes to create different types of leather and they have their own characteristic, look and feel.


Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather refers to leather that hasn’t been sanded or buffed out to remove marks or imperfections and it retains the natural markings on the hide.  Full grain leather, is the leather that is formed just by removing the hair present on the skin of the hide.

Full-grain leather develop a rich patina as it ages, looking more and more beautiful as you use it.  It is the most durable kind of leather but also the rarest and usually the most expensive.


Top-Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the uppermost layer of the animal hide which has been buffed, remove any imperfections and polished.

Top grain leather sofa will typically be more expensive, but will have an incredibly soft feel and will be long lasting.


Split-Grain Leather

Split leather is taken from the bottom of the hide; after the removal of the top grain.   This leather is harder and cheaper than full grain leather.

A split is still 100% real leather but does not have all of the characteristics of top-grain due to processing differences.


Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is a combination of leather scraps and fibers that mixed together to form a leather.  It usually contains only 10 to 17 percent leather fibers.

However, Bonded leather does has its advantage as a furniture material. Firstly, it is highly durable. Secondly, bonded leather furniture is significantly cheaper than real leather.

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